Finding new Ways of Living with Bees

Changing paradigms of our relationship with Honey Bees.

Restoring the biosphere through linking to wild Apis Mellifera.

Defining the fundamentals of apiculture with the principles of the life forces of Apis Mellifera.

Bees are an inspiration for an (agro-) cultural, emotional, psychological and spiritual renewal.

The wisdom of the Honeybees presents an opportunity to step into a creative field of finding new ways of living.

 Bees – an ancient love story

For our ancestors, bees were heavenly messengers, an expression of the wisdom in the universe, a spark of cosmic consciousness, and a gift to the world. To recognize and understand the unique nature of the bees means to recognize and understand something of our own fundamental nature. The oneness of the bee colony reveals the interconnectedness of the world, and of ourselves within the world. In the past centuries as bees became a commodity of modern agriculture, a deeper meaning and understanding of their true nature was lost. Only a more bee-centered approach can help us re-establish a reverent and respectful relationship with them.IMG_1415

Historically, living with bees was ritualized, ensuring harmony between bees and apiculturists. In our de-ritualized world, we face the challenge of finding the means to reconnect with core aspects of life and of finding guidance for being with the bees. In his bee lectures, the Austrian philosopher and spiritual scientist Rudolf Steiner describes the bees as being permeated with life based on love. To meet the bees on that level and be touched by it will bring forth a new way of living with bees. The bees are a metaphor for our interconnectedness with the world; they can change our sense of who we think we are and instill in us a wish to serve.
In this pivotal time when life on earth is in transition on so many levels, the bees enter our awareness worldwide through their struggles. They can become an inspiration for a change in our cultural, emotional, and agricultural landscape. Steiner emphasizes that “we need to study the life of bees from the standpoint of thSONY DSCe soul”. In the end, the world shows us whenever the soul element is missing in our lives. The current plight of the bees shows us the repercussions of our limitations. As our life-long allies, the bees mirror our own struggle to live in this world. Their encouraging message is to wake up – to wake up to this fragile, wonderful and precious world, to wake up to a heart-centered reality. May we all wake up!