Finding new Ways of Living with Bees

IMG_9258Gaia Bees was founded to honor the essential role of bees in sustaining life on our planet. Our mission is to ensure the health and survival of bees, and thus, all beings.  Gaia Bees advocates for a fundamental shift in apiculture and develops new practices toward a bee-centric approach.
Our work focuses on three areas: installation and care of “landscape apiaries”; research and development of sustainable apiculture strategies; offering educational/training programs.
We examine how the bio-integrity of honeybee nests can inform and heal our apiaries and landscapes, and how the wisdom of honeybees can be an inspiration for the evolution of new paradigms of life.


Our mission acknowledges the importance of the instinctual wisdom of honeybees and their fundamental birthright to express their life form freely. These core principles are the essential part of our vision of healing.  We are developing programs which link these core elements with biodynamic and indigenous components as well as entomological research of wild Apis Mellifera.

We are focusing on:

– Providing bee-centric hive designs that are centered on optimal hive health.
– Restoring the biosphere through linking to wild Apis Mellifera.
– Defining the fundamentals of apiculture with the principles of the life forces of Apis Mellifera.
– Changing the paradigm of our relationship with honeybees.

Short essays:
Refections on the biodynamic paradigm
Goethe & Honeybees
Basic Call to Consciousness 

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The oneness of the bee colony reveals the interconnectedness of the world, and of ourselves within the world. In the past centuries as bees became a commodity of modern agriculture, a deeper meaning and understanding of their true nature was lost. Only a bee-centered approach can help us to reestablish a reverent and respectful relationship with them.
In this pivotal time when life on earth is in transition on so many levels, the bees enter our awareness worldwide through their struggles. They can become an inspiration for a change in our cultural, emotional, and agricultural landscape. The Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner emphasized that “we need to study the life of bees from the standpoint of the soul”.

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