Honeybee Sanctuaries/ Refuges

IMG_5239Gaia Bees promotes a radical shift in Apiculture towards a bee-centric management and examines how the bio-integrity of wild Honeybee nests can inform and heal our apiaries and landscape.  This shift in value and approach is a response towards saving the honeybees from becoming an endangered species.  As we step into new territory, we are transitioning into a new paradigm of living with bees and living on the earth.

Our mission acknowledges the importance of the instinctual needs of Honeybees and their fundamental birthright to express their life form freely. These core principles are the essential part of our vision of healing.

We are developing programs which link these core elements with biodynamic and indigenous components as well as recent entomological research of wild Apis Mellifera.

Gaia Bees integrates this holistic approach in apiary designs and is engaged in the creation of Honeybee Sanctuaries and Refuges. Michael is available for consultations (michael@gaiabees.com). Find out more about the current Green Gulch Farm Honeybee Sanctuary at: GGF Sanctuary/Refuge

Recent and current projects include: Green Gulch Farm Zen Center:

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Open Space (private), North Bay, CA:









Oakville, Napa Valley , CA:


Hirsch Vineyard:

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The Melissa Garden, 2008 (currently closed), CA:





Photo credits:  GGF pictures (middle top row); kalie ilana, www.luna13.com