living in meta-morphosis

Gaia Bees is in the early stages of metamorphosis as we are shifting into a new epoch of bee-ing with the ‘Apian’.  While Gaia Bees is undergoing these changes, please feel free to visit Apis Arborea as our most recent conservation venture. It is dedicated to arboreal apiculture and the rehabilitation of the ‘indigenous’ apain nest.

The mission of Apis Arborea is to preserve the life and resiliency of honeybees through rewilding, the restoration of habitat and natural hives, and the adaptation of a holistic and systems-based paradigm.
We partner with organizations, landowners, and backyard beekeepers to redefine apiculture “beyond sustainability” while aiming towards resiliency and renewal.

We are focusing on:
– Providing bee-centric hive designs that are centered on optimal bee health.
– Restoring the biosphere through linking to wild Apis Mellifera.
– Defining the fundamentals of apiculture with the principles of the life forces of Apis Mellifera.
– Changing the paradigm of our relationship with honeybees.