SONY DSCFounder Michael Joshin Thiele is leading an innovative approach within the biodynamic apiculture movement and teaches in the United States and abroad. Gaia Bees is engaged into the research of Apis Mellifera, rewilding programs and new dimensions of apiculture in a sociocultural, agricultural and spiritual context. Michael has been involved with the creation of Honeybee sanctuaries and refuges since 2007. One of the more recent projects is the Honeybee Sanctuary & Refuge at Green Gulch Farm.  In 2013, he worked as a biodynamic consultant for the USDA in the Dominican Republic, and more recently he presented his work at Harvard University and New York University.  His approach to apiculture is documented in various national and international magazines, books and film documentaries (“Queen of the Sun”). In 2017 he created Apis Arborea, which is dedicated towards rewilding honeybees and an innovative, holistic apian paradigm. Feel free to read his latest essay, published by Demeter USA here.  Michael is available for consultations, seminars/workshops and set up of sustainable apiaries. He lives with his family in CA.

Email: michael@apisarborea.com      
Phone: (707) 540 5072