Apis Arborea

Apis Arborea – the Ancient Craft of Tree-Apiculture & Log Hives

Over the course of the last hundred years, the health of the bees has been challenged on many levels – conventional beekeeping with its mechanical and alienated approach, increasing exposure to pollution (pesticides, electro smog), a dramatic shift of the entire landscape and worlds ecosystem (loss of habitat, climate crisis), introduction of the varroa mite, and the spiritual crisis of the human heart.

The challenges for the well being of the bees only reflect our own struggle in our striving for health and happiness.  A systemic approach is needed to prevent an unfolding of extinction cascades.

Apis Arborea redefines our understanding and relationship with honeybees,  and creates a new paradigm of caring for bees.  It unites biodynamic apiculture principles with ancient and traditional ways of apiculture, in particular the craft of the “Zeidler”, who used to take care of bees in living trees.  Apis Arborea combines old and new designs of bee nests,  creates indigenous honeybee habitat to fosters health and life vigor.

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(Interview about tree beekeeping, also know as Zeidlerei:)