Honeybees – creators of relationships

The phenomenon of Honeybees (Apis Mellifera) constitutes an unusual and unique matrix of life. As a sentient mammalian being and social insect alike, it lives at the cross roads of various paradigms. Bees not only reveal the deep interdependencies and the wholeness of the entire biosphere, but are a keystone species within the web of life.  Honeybees are creators of relationships. Inwardly and within the nest, they practice extremely sophisticated decision making group processes and portray high “ethical and cultural” values within each of its individual members.  Outwardly, the entire biosphere becomes a network of relations as bees connect intimately with the landscape. Reaching out in multiple ways, they are not only a fundamental necessity for the procreation of a vast number of plant and animal species, but they have been an inspirational influence for millennia in the cultural, psychological and spiritual life of homo sapiens.

The fundamental sense of self and identity of each bee is linked to the well being of the whole and is infused with altruism, service and love.  Its inherent wisdom presents an opportunity for us to step into a creative field of finding new ways of living.  These elements broaden the field of apiculture and add a consciousness component to it. The intrinsic value of bees goes far beyond honey and pollination. Who will we be, who do we need to be, in order to survive?  The integration of all dimensions of living with bees can be a resource in our quest for healing the earth, finding new sustainable ways of living, and healing Honeybees.  I call this approach Api-Sophia.

IMG_1415Swarming is one of these tremendous teachings: The bees are leaving home and are entering the unknown with faith and confidence, without knowing where to find a new home. They are leaving the element of nest-darkness and move into the light. They are “shedding” their familiarity of their nest and the bond to the exact location of the former home. It is as if the “onebeing”, the nest as a superorganism, would enter a “bardo”, a realm in-between incarnations. Its memory vanishes, essential then, but now dissolved. And yet it seems as if the hive recognizes the unknown as the only viable option for a path into the future. It is the utmost act of letting go – a letting go into a birth of new possibilities!

We can understand this as an encouragement to do the same: To venture into new territory in the search for solutions for our ailing planet and human suffering, in the search for the dawn of a new epoch on earth, a new paradigm of being, one that cannot be constructed with a rational mind alone, but rather experienced with our heart.

There are many gates and paths to enlighten our life, and Apisophia is one of them.