Events & Workshops in 2019/2020
with Michael Joshin Thiele

Interactive Live-Stream

November 9, 2019; 10am-12pm PST                                                                                                                                     

LocApiary – A Vision for the Collaboration of landscape, honeybees, and humans.

The Anthropocene and the accelerating extinction of life on earth are a wake-up call for a fundamental shift of apiculture and of being on earth. 

LocApiary is a local watershed apiary and an innovative initiative that follows a symbiotic narrative and a vision for the collaboration of landscape, honeybees & humans.  The framework of LocApiary follows the natural life gestures of honeybees and integrates cutting edge research in life sciences and traditional practices. In the life world of connectivity, the well-being of one is enmeshed in the well-being of others. We will explore collaborative strategies for beekeepers and conservationists, how they can benefit habitat connectivity and integrity and foster a reconciliation ecology.

Michael will share innovative gestures within the biodynamic field of apiculture and various aspects of his work, among them, examples from current rewilding projects, log hive designs and as well as the craft of arboreal apiculture.  

Please join us from your home – without traveling and a lower carbon footprint.

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Interactive Live Stream
November 16, 2019; 6:15 – 7:30pm GMT

Arboreal Apiculture Salon

Our guest for Salon #7 will be Torben Schiffer. His research focuses on the climatic conditions of tree cavities and beehives, and the effects on bee health.

Hosted by Jonathan Powell, Natural Beekeeping Trust, UK and Michael J. Thiele, Apis Arborea, USA. We meet about every other month.  If you would like more info or have questions, please send an email to or subscribe to an email list for the Salon here

Interactive Live-Stream
January 25, 2020; 10am-1pm PST                                                                                                                                      

Arboreal (log) Hives – Changing the paradigm of Apiculture.

“Apis Arborea” is an attempt to redefine our relationship with bees and to create a new paradigm of caring for them.

We will look at the reemergence of ancient and traditional ways of apiculture, such as the “Zeidler”, the craft of caring for bees in living trees. The rewilding of honeybees and nest restoration are becoming increasingly essential for honeybees to survive.  As wild bees survive in non-managed ecosystems and nest sites, they represent a resource for new strategies for contemporary apiculture and a fundamental shift in bee stewardship.

During the live stream event, we will explore various arboreal hive designs. Michael will go step by step through the process of making vertical log hives and share lots of video footage, required tools, and other resources.  This lifestream event will integrate groundbreaking research data and fundamental changes in life sciences as resources for a paradigm shift for apiculture strategies in the Anthropocene.

This live stream gathering will provide a meeting environment, which allows for interactive learning and discussions among participants.  Tickets available here.

College of Marin, CA
Winter semester, January- March 2020

Re-envisioning Beekeeping in a time of crisis

The accelerating loss of animal species and biodiversity reflects the urgency with which we need to move towards the preservation of honeybees. This course is an introduction to a system-based approach to beekeeping. We will combine contemporary entomological research, the study of natural wild beehive environments and cutting-edge trends in life sciences to better understand the complexities of the life and the needs of honeybees. With the newly gained knowledge of the course, participants have new tools to creatively adapt to fundamental challenges to the survival of honeybees. Michael will share various aspects of his work, among them examples from current rewilding projects, the craft of traditional tree-apiculture, and bee-centric strategies for beekeeping. We will study the essential role of honeybees in sustaining life on our planet and at the same time explore ways to preserve their life and foster environments conducive to their health and dignity. For all levels of beekeeping; beginners welcome.

Registration will open in December.

Past Events & Workshops

Gravenstein Apple Fair, CA
August 18, 2019; 11:30-1pm

Building Natural Log Beehives

Log hives rehabilitate the natural home environment of honeybees which allowed them to thrive for millions of years. To rewild honeybees provides natural resources for local honeybee populations and supports the honeybee’s health. Join Michael and learn about innovative ways of apiculture and how to create and provide ideal nesting habitat for honeybees. You’ll get hands-on experience with the first phase of hive-building and be able to build your own bee sanctuary at home.

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Interactive Live Stream
August 24, 2019; 6:15 – 8pm GMT

Arboreal Apiculture Salon

Awareness can be defined as the ability to have knowledge of or perception of a situation or fact. All living beings are aware under this definition since all living things can and do perceive a change in their environment, respond appropriately, modify their behavior and adapt. Also, all species have the ability to communicate in some form with each other.  Consciousness is the state or quality of awareness, or, of being aware of an external object or something within oneself. It has been defined as sentience, awareness, subjectivity, agency and the ability to experience or to feel, wakefulness, having a sense of selfhood, and the executive control system of the mind.

In Salon #6 we will explore sentience and bees and how we can expand humanity’s moral circle.

Hosted by Jonathan Powell, Natural Beekeeping Trust, UK and Michael J. Thiele, Apis Arborea, USA.  If you would like more info or have questions, please send an email to

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Soil Not Oil Conference; 5th Annual Agro-Ecological and Environmental Conference, CA
September 9-10,2019

Apis Arborea – Apiculture in the Anthropocene

More info at Soil Not Oil Conference.