Indigenous* Apiculture – Open Apiary

(*originating or occurring naturally in a particular place)

The ‘Apiarium’ of Gaia Bees will be open
on Sunday, July 23, 2017, from noon till 4pm.
Feel free to visit and experience the ‘open apiary’ with a display of various alternative nest designs.  Emerge yourself in a natural ‘bee scape’ and leisurely sit with bees, listen to their sound, enjoy their rich scent, and feel their emotional warmth.  Come and celebrate the gift of living our life with honeybees, their beauty, wisdom and love.


The ‘open apiary’ is an opportunity to gather and honor this gift, and to mark the season of high summer and long days within the year-long apian cycle.
The apiary is reflecting some of the wider ranging work of Gaia Bees and the vision of an ‘Indigenous Apiculture”.
There will be a ceremonial gathering around 3pm to pay tribute to the gift of honeybees.  (feel free to bring something to share which is related to bees and your life with bees)

Parking is limited;
Please car-pool if possible.

RSVP (helpful but not necessary) to
Location: 686 Snow Road, Sebastopol, CA 95472